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Pod Partner Community

Partnership Community for OEMs and Software Manufacturers in the IoT Ecosystem

Add exponential value to your business by partnering with a trusted global connectivity provider. 

At Pod Group, we understand that the IoT industry is a fast-moving and competitive environment. As a player in the data connectivity market since 1999 , we have seen the M2M/IoT industry  evolve and have adapted our solutions accordingly. Thanks to our focus on Research & Development, we have been able to offer our partners and customers the best connectivity solutions in the market. 

We believe that strategic partnerships are fundamental to success as the industry continues to grow . With that in mind, we have developed the PPC to provide our valued OEM and software partners with the opportunity to have more ownership and control over IoT connectivity while still focusing on their core business. There are three principal “paths” for partners to choose from, all with varying levels of control.  Partners can choose the path that best fits their current business model with the flexibility to change paths or pave their own as their company grows and evolves.

Three Paths for Partners

Refer Own Share graphic

Refer - Ensure your reseller and distributor channels get the connectivity service that meets their exact requirements so they are able to get to market as quickly as possible. 

Own - The Pod White Label Solution enables you to brand and market a complete connectivity service as part of your offering, which allows you to own and enhance reseller and distributor relationships, launch additional value-added services, and generate long-term recurring revenue streams. Compete on a level playing field with OEMs offering a proprietary connectivity solution without the upfront investment normally required to integrate with individual carrier networks or develop your own connectivity platform.

Share - This commission-based structure provides you with financial benefits simply by referring your channels to a trusted connectivity partner. 



PPC Features:

  • Three flexible, non-exclusive partnership paths
  • Freedom to choose the level of control over the connectivity according to your business model
  • A partnership that evolves with the growth and evolution of your business

PPC Benefits:

  • A competitive advantage in the IoT ecosystem
  • Greater profitability
  • Increased speed to market
  • Joint marketing and promotional activities
  • Enhanced reseller and distributor relationships, including discounts for your channels
  • No commitments 
  • No cost to join