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Who is Podsystem Group?

Podsystem Group is an independent Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that specialises in mobile data solutions for a wide range of companies, from systems integrators and applications developers in the Machine to Machine (M2M) market, to resellers of data solutions for travellers and enterprises with specific mobile connectivity requirements. As an expert in global roaming solutions which provide multi-network connectivity, our range of services help M2M companies cost-effectively expand their end-to-end solutions into new global markets as well as enabling both resellers of mobile devices for the travel market and enterprises to save thousands on their roaming data costs.  


Over 15 Years of Experience in Data Connectivity

With over 15 years of experience in the data connectivity market, Podsystem Group began as a developer of telematics solutions for the logistics sector and subsequently began providing global roaming solutions for M2M companies across a wide variety of different sectors.

With an established track record in the M2M market, the company then developed Podtraveller, a solution for resellers of mobile data services to travellers, allowing them to quickly build and control their businesses via an online platform. In addition, Podsystem Business Services was created to enable enterprises to manage the data roaming requirements of their itinerant workforce, with a global roaming solution that ensures maximum reliability and cost control.  


Experts in "No Single Point of Failure" Data SIM cards

Having experienced first-hand many of the issues encountered by our customers in getting a solution to market, Podsystem Group has developed a unique data connectivity solution which addresses these issues, focusing on providing maximum reliability and control. Traditional multi-network SIMs rely on a core network, which creates a single point of failure. Podsystem Group has developed a unique network topology which ensures multiple independent network infrastructures on the same SIM, combined with a patented application that allows maximum control of where and when the SIM can connect. This, combined with our proprietary platforms and SIM cards, puts the control back into the hands of our customers and allows them the flexibility to create customised solutions which can be taken quickly to market.  

First class Support from Experts in Multi-Network Data SIMs

Podsystem Group is not simply a provider of data connectivity solutions, the relationships we have with our customers are long-term partnerships and our team’s philosophy is to always go the extra mile for our customers, providing continuous help and advice on every aspect of their solution. One of our customers recently commented, “"When I call Podsystem, I know whoever picks up the phone will follow through with my request because they care". This is why our customers rely on us as their long-term connectivity partner. Our customer support is provided by experienced members of our management team, who understand your challenges and are here to help.

Global Data SIM card Specialists

Podsystem is formed of Podsystem M2M, providing solutions for Machine to Machine applications, Podtraveller which offers global connectivity for resellers to business travellers and Podsystem Business Services, which offers mobile data connectivity solutions to enterprises. From our headquarters in the UK and our offices in Spain and the USA, we serve and support customers worldwide.  

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