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Our products and services have been created based on our experience since 2000 working with our customers to help get their solutions to market. During this time, we have encountered first-hand the major connectivity challenges that repeatedly arise, causing barriers to growth. Our solutions have been developed to help our customers to overcome these challenges and we have established specific business divisions to service and support our customers in each market.

We currently have three divisions servicing the M2M market, resellers to the business travel market and enterprises:

Some of the major requirements addressed by our solutions in each market are listed below:

M2M products:

The main challenge faced by most M2M applications developers is the need for a connectivity solution with a lifespan that matches that of the M2M application. No traditional M2M solution can escape from fluctuations in network pricing, potential commercial or technical issues on the network which could ultimately result in the need to swap out the SIMs, a costly exercise especially if SIMs are located in rural or inaccessible areas.

Podsystem has developed a unique, patented solution for M2M data connectivity based on the need for a future-proof, “No Single Point of Failure” infrastructure for maximum control and resilience.

Why is this solution different?

Traditional Multi-Network SIMs rely on a core network, which owns the physical SIM card and provides the service through agreements with networks worldwide. Although the SIM automatically swaps networks if it loses connection, if there is a technical issue on the core infrastructure, the SIM cannot connect to any network. In the cases above, the only solution is to swap the SIM out and use a SIM from another network which is the worst scenario for any M2M company when devices are located in rural or inaccessible areas

Firstly, the SIM is owned by YOU, not the network. We provide a profile on the SIM which consists of different IMSIs from different networks around the world. Our solution enables the SIM to swap between IMSIs (networks) on completely separate infrastructures, creating a “No Single Point of Failure” network topology. IMSIs can be swapped Over The Air (OTA) avoiding any disruption to the connectivity of the application

As we negotiate new tariffs with existing networks and new networks we can add these to your profile OTA, ensuring you always have the best pricing available. Even if you want to work with a different supplier, we can provide you with the commands to enable you to update your SIMs OTA so you won’t need to swap them out

For more information on our M2M data SIM cards and M2M products and services, please visit www.podsystemm2m.com

Travel resellers:

For many resellers of travel connectivity solutions, the need to monitor and control SIMs across the customer base, allowing customised packages to be quickly created and billing of customers according to the data they have used is a vital component of the solution. Many travel SIM deals look very enticing, until you realise that there is no way to block SIMs outside the countries you want to include in your package, or to limit SIMs when they have used their data bundle. This represents a huge risk and could lead to thousands lost in overuse or roaming charges, not to mention problems with billing customers if you do not have access to real-time data usage.

Podtraveller is a series of solutions developed specifically for travel SIM resellers which provides a high level of control over the SIM base. With the Podtraveller solution, resellers have everything they require to run their business efficiently, allowing them to manage their SIMs and bill their customers directly from our online platform. Podtraveller is based on three key concepts: reliability, control and flexibility.

Why is this solution different?


  • Proprietary SIM card: Whereas most SIMs are owned by the network, our SIMs are owned by you, the customer. This means that as we negotiate new deals with operators around the world, we can add new IMSIs remotely to your SIMs, without the need to swap SIMs out to take advantage of these deals.
  • Network topology: Unlike standard multi-network SIMs, connectivity does not depend on one core network’s infrastructure, which creates a single point of failure. If there are technical issues on any of the networks, the SIM can be switched to a different IMSI Over The Air (OTA), so that data is routed across a completely different infrastructure, without interruption in service for the user.
  • Multi-network: The SIMs connect to multiple networks in each country and roam globally on one APN, regardless of country or network. When the device is switched on, the SIM connects to the best signal in the area. Thereafter, it will automatically swap networks if it loses signal, making it less likely that the SIM will lose connection due to coverage issues, even in rural areas.


The Empower⁴ platform:

  • The E⁴ platform allows you to take control of your entire SIM base from anywhere, 24 hours a day
  • Maximum visibility of data usage and location of SIMs in real time for both billing and troubleshooting.
  • Limits and alerts provide full control of when and where SIMs can connect and how much data they can use.  

24/7 multi-lingual support:

If you need additional information than that provided on the E⁴ platform, or you need help to troubleshoot a customer issue, our team is available during office hours for regular support calls and out of office hours for emergency support.  We believe an integral part of our solution is support, and we take it very seriously. Our management team is personally involved in supporting our customers on a daily basis.


  • Bespoke packages: The E⁴ platform gives you the capability to create bespoke packages for your customers, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and bill them directly for these packages.
  • Pricing model: We offer flexible pricing models with a wide variety of packages available, including smaller packages that are often popular with travellers. We also offer a per MB rate, enabling you to create your own packages and increasing your profits by allowing you to make a margin on the unused data.
  • Flexible top ups: Through the E⁴ platform, we give you the ability to top-up your SIMs automatically at any time. We also provide an API enabling you to integrate this functionality into your front end so that you can offer this service directly to your customers.
  • White label service: Both our E⁴ platform and our SIMs are white label and can be branded with your company logo.
  • Branding: In addition, we can brand the Service Provider Name (SPN) on the SIM to give you a fully branded solution, enabling you to take your services quickly to market.

For more information on our products and services for resellers of travel data SIMs to business travellers, please visit our Podtraveller website www.podtraveller.com.


For many enterprises, the need to cost-effectively control the connectivity of a mobile workforce despite fluctuations in the cost of data in different countries and on different networks is a major issue. If access of roaming employees is not controlled, the company could very easily end up with a bill for tens of thousands in roaming charges. However, this needs to be balanced against the need for the IT department to ensure that employees can connect when and where they need to and that connectivity is always reliable.

Podsystem Business Services provides a full service solution for enterprises to control and manage their mobile workforce, ensuring employees are always connected and costs are controlled.

Why is this solution different?

  • Flat-rate packages by region allow the company to control costs, even when employees are crossing borders. The SIM will automatically connect to the correct network within the tariff according to the location
  • No roaming charges as the profile of each user can be defined and expensive networks or countries blocked to ensure the data remains within the tariff
  • Access to our online E⁴ platform, giving the IT manager the ability to control the entire SIM base from anywhere, 24 hours a day.
  • Maximum visibility of data usage and location of SIMs in real time for both billing and troubleshooting.
  • Limits and alerts provide full control of when and where SIMs can connect and how much data they can use.  

We also provide 3G broadband back-up services for enterprises, for further information on our data SIM cards for enterprises please visit www.podsystembusinessservices.com

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