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Our products and services have been created based on our experience since 1999 working with our customers to help get their solutions to market. During this time, we have encountered first-hand the major connectivity challenges that repeatedly arise, causing barriers to growth. Our solutions have been developed to help our customers to overcome these challenges and we have established specific business divisions to service and support our customers in each market.

We currently have 2 divisions servicing the M2M market and tailor-made solutions:

Some of the major requirements addressed by our solutions in each market are listed below:

M2M products:

The main challenge faced by most M2M applications developers is the need for a connectivity solution with a lifespan that matches that of the M2M application. No traditional M2M solution can escape from fluctuations in network pricing, potential commercial or technical issues on the network which could ultimately result in the need to swap out the SIMs, a costly exercise especially if SIMs are located in rural or inaccessible areas.

Pod Group has developed a unique, patented solution for M2M data connectivity based on the need for a future-proof, “No Single Point of Failure” infrastructure for maximum control and resilience.

Why is this solution different?

Traditional Multi-Network SIMs rely on a core network, which owns the physical SIM card and provides the service through agreements with networks worldwide. Although the SIM automatically swaps networks if it loses connection, if there is a technical issue on the core infrastructure, the SIM cannot connect to any network. In the cases above, the only solution is to swap the SIM out and use a SIM from another network which is the worst scenario for any M2M company when devices are located in rural or inaccessible areas

Firstly, the SIM is owned by YOU, not the network. We provide a profile on the SIM which consists of different IMSIs from different networks around the world. Our solution enables the SIM to swap between IMSIs (networks) on completely separate infrastructures, creating a “No Single Point of Failure” network topology. IMSIs can be swapped Over The Air (OTA) avoiding any disruption to the connectivity of the application

As we negotiate new tariffs with existing networks and new networks we can add these to your profile OTA, ensuring you always have the best pricing available. Even if you want to work with a different supplier, we can provide you with the commands to enable you to update your SIMs OTA so you won’t need to swap them out

For more information on our M2M data SIM cards and M2M products and services, please visit www.podm2m.com


Pod Solutions

As the IoT becomes increasingly complex, many companies are struggling to integrate new technologies with legacy systems, manage multiple service providers and technologies, and combine different billing options whilst focusing on geographical expansion and processing huge volumes of data.

Pod Solutions helps to simplify these processes by creating customized services to help enterprises and operators address key issues such as security, scalability and multi-country deployment. The tailor-made solutions provided by Pod Solutions enable businesses to generate recurring revenue streams by giving them the tools to adapt their business models and billing processes, whilst respecting existing corporate structures to ensure that your devices get to market as quickly as possible.

For more information on our tailor-made solutions and services, please visit www.pod.solutions


Visit the websites of our specialist divisions to find out how Pod Group can help you to find the optimum connectivity solution for your application. 

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